Sick collabs were created during the Scantraxx Silver & Carbon producers weekend


A weekend to remember

On the 19th and 20th of February, 2022, we organized a producers' weekend in the Scantraxx Studios, to celebrate the 20 Years anniversary of our label, exclusively for Silver and Carbon artists. We brought together the boys for 2 days full of productivity, creativity, and fresh collaborations!


We also arranged quite some activities during the weekend. We invited JDX to host a masterclass for our artists, Devin Wild & Kronos came by to give the boys feedback and support while producing. MC DL also joined the weekend for vocal sessions. And, of course, we arranged an abundance of coffee, Asian food & pizza, because good food equals good times! Even though it was all about making music, the whole meaning of this weekend was to bring our artists closer together and to celebrate that awesome Silver & Carbon family feeling.


During the weekend the artists created some nice and exciting collaborations. REVIVE teamed up with Level One and MC DL, Dvastate collaborated with Nightcraft, Eternate worked with Retrospect and Scabtik joined forces with Bright Visions. 


We had an amazing weekend with the boys, we are so glad to have them on the label. Every single one of them is very talented so expect a lot of new music coming up! 

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