Scantraxx 20 Years Writers Camp | Wisseloord Studios


From May 10 - 12, our Scantraxx main label artists got together at the notorious Wisseloord Studios for three days full of productivity and creativity at the Scantraxx Writers Camp 2022, in collaboration with Strengholt Music Group. 


After hosting the Scantraxx 15 Years Writers Camp back in 2017, it was about time for another edition, this time to celebrate our 20th anniversary. During the three days, our artists teamed up to work on collaborations. Additionally, composers, singers, and songwriters joined to support our producers with toplines, vocals, and more. 


Some of the vocalists & composers that were present you definitely know from Hardstyle tracks such as all-time legend Niels Geusebroek (Year Of Summer), Ruby Prophet, Mark Vayne, Nathalie Blue, Lindi and MERYLL. Also Melissa de Kleine, Koos Kamerling, Rogier Tromp, Arthur Stoker, Geronimo Snijtsheuvel, Brad Grobler and David Westmeijer joined our Scantraxx artists in the studio. 

Some of the collaborations that formed during these days are going to be absolutely next level. Can you believe after being with Scantraxx for almost 15 years, D-Block & S-te-Fan never collaborated with our label-boss The Prophet? Well, it looks like it was about time to change that! We got a little sneek preview and we LOVE what we heard!

A trio that worked extremely hard in the studio for two days was KELTEK, JDX & Devin Wild. All three of them are insanely musically talented and they had an intstant click. 

On Wednesday, JDX shared the studio with Kronos. What seemed like a strange combination at first ended up working SO well and the guys didn't only work on one collab, but on several - can you believe that? 

After their collab Silhouettes, we saw that Adrenalize & Demi Kanon are a match made in heaven, so it was obvious that these two talented guys have to hit the studio together again! They created a feel-good summer hit that we were already vibing to hard at the Wisseloord studios, you will surely love this one too!

Another never-seen-before combination during these days was DJ Isaac & The Prophet. Can you believe that also these two Hardstyle heavyweights never collaborated? 

Imperatorz, D-Attack & Envine each had a solo day at the studio but teamed up with singer/ songwriters to create absolute bangers! 

The three day Writers Camp was a great success! Every artist, vocalist and songwriter had a blast, which resulted in stunning tracks. The massive high tech studios were in perfect balance, and you can hear that back in all the compositions that were created! 

Are you curious on the collabs and tracks made? Keep an eye out on our socials and be the first to hear the tracks! 

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