Celebrate the legacy: This is the Scantraxx 20 Years 2008-2012 compilation


Some say that these were the golden days of Hardstyle. 2008 until 2012 marked an influential time for our scene where tons of Hardstyle Hits were released that we still enjoy today. We put together the biggest Scantraxx bangers of that time period on one compilation - join us on a trip down memory lane with the second Scantraxx legacy compilation! 


2008 marked the 5th year of Scantraxx's existence and we were already on a roll! Part of the Hard by D-Block & S-te-Fan was for example released during that time - can you believe that's 15 years ago already? D-Block & S-te-Fan built up a huge catalogue of mega-hits during their career. Music Made Addict for example is one of those tracks that every Hardstyle lover knows! Also this banger is of course on the Scantraxx 20 Years Legacy compilation. 


Still remember Melancholia by Wasted Penguinz? We have so many memories of that tune, it certainly can't be missed on the compilation! Other bangers featured include Bass Modulators – Leave the World, Gunz for Hire – Kings of the Underground,  The Prophet – Recession or the number 1 Hardstyle hit of all time - Live The Moment by JDX ft. Sarah Maria.


Lift up your day with some good old classics - press play on the compilation, turn up the volume, and just enjoy! Click here to play it loud.

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Scantraxx 20 Years Legacy (2008 - 2012)
Scantraxx Albums
01 / 06 / 2022
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