Phyric joins Scantraxx Silver


Our Scantraxx Silver family just got a little bigger! Dutch producer Phyric is the latest addition to the label but he’s not an unknown name. After releasing on X-RAW and Scantraxx Prospexx, he’s now ready to take his career to the next level with stepping up to Scantraxx Silver. We spoke to him about his history, future plans, and what we can expect from him joining Scantraxx Silver, read on to get to know Phyric better!

The word is out that you are joining Scantraxx Silver, congratulations! How does it feel? 

Yes, it feels great of course! Of course you always hope for it when you start with X-Raw and then Scantraxx Prospexx, but you don't dare to dream it. It’s a big energy boost to be able to release on a mega label like Scantraxx Silver!

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself? When did you start producing Hardstyle and where do you get your inspiration from? 

I'm Jordy, 22 years old from the Netherlands in the small town of Oss in North Brabant. I am very energetic and sometimes a bit impatient. I started producing Big Room when I was 12 but then I discovered Hardstyle and just wanted to produce it. I started producing lessons and as that progressed, results came. Eventually, I sat down with a friend to take it to a new level and here we are, Scantraxx Silver!

It's a big energy boost to be able to join Scantraxx Silver!

You were signed to Scantraxx Prospexx and now moved up the ladder, that’s amazing! What can we expect from that next step in your career? 

I started at X-Raw in 2019, which then that turned into Scantraxx Prospexx. I had my first ever release on X-Raw and had a great feeling from Scantraxx. We started talking and after a few conversations we came to the conclusion that Scantraxx Silver was the only logical step for me! 

You can expect my releases at Silver to get a huge quality boost. We get very good guidance and also good feedback which also makes our music better, but let’s keep that a secret for now ;)

You have your first Scantraxx Silver release One Family coming up. What’s the story behind the track?

The story of the track is that you should always stay together with your family and also trust each other, even when you get into a tight situation you have to get together. We are all one family❤️

What does the future of Phyric hold? What are your goals?

Dream big I always say. Every artist has dreams and mine are of course no different, many bookings and my dream would be to also play my music abroad. Hopefully the future is great for Phyric.

Dream big is my motto!

Phyric's new track "One Family" is coming to the airwaves on October 20! Make sure to pre-save this upcoming banger here!

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