Exploring DAWs for Hardstyle Music Production with Kronos


In the fast-paced world of music production, Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) play a pivotal role in shaping artists' creative process and final sound output. For aspiring Hardstyle music producers, choosing the right DAW can significantly impact their workflow and overall success. In this exclusive interview, we sit down with renowned Hardstyle producer and Scantraxx A&R, Jacopo Mariotti, better known as Kronos, to discuss his preferred DAW and the advantages and disadvantages it offers for producing the high-energy beats of Hardstyle music.

Unveiling Kronos' DAW of Choice
Jacopo has been producing Hardstyle for over a decade. When asked about his choice of DAW for music production, Jacopo revealed that he relies on Cubase 12, a popular and versatile DAW. Throughout his musical career, Jacopo has experimented with various DAWs, seeking the perfect fit for his creative needs. Before settling on Cubase 12, he had experience with Logic Pro and FL Studio.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cubase 12

Advanced Audio Processing: Jacopo emphasizes that Cubase 12 boasts exceptional audio processing capabilities, making it stand out among other DAWs in the market. For Hardstyle producers like Jacopo, this feature proves to be a significant asset. 

Ideal for Audio-Centric Work: As an artist who loves to work extensively with audio files, Kronos finds Cubase 12 to be the perfect choice for his style of music production. The DAW offers a rich set of tools and features tailored to audio editing and manipulation, enabling him to craft the signature Hardstyle sound that resonates with fans worldwide.

Occasional Bugs: Like any complex software, Cubase 12 is not immune to occasional bugs and technical glitches. However, Kronos suggests that such issues are common across most DAWs, and they can generally be resolved through updates and support from the software's developers.

Internal Plug-Ins: Kronos mentions that while Cubase 12 is exceptional in many aspects, its internal plug-ins may not always be on par with some other DAWs. This limitation prompts him to rely on third-party plug-ins to achieve the desired results fully.

Suitability and Recommendations

Considering the unique features of Cubase 12, Kronos advises that this DAW is an excellent choice for producers who enjoy working with external instruments and those seeking top-notch audio processing capabilities. However, for newcomers to the world of music production, Kronos suggests starting with FL Studio due to its user-friendly interface and accessibility for beginners.

With its exceptional audio processing capabilities and focus on audio-centric work, Cubase 12 has proven to be a reliable companion in shaping Kronos' distinctive sound.

Aspiring Hardstyle producers can draw valuable insights from Kronos' experiences and make informed decisions when selecting the perfect DAW to embark on their musical journey. Whether it's Cubase 12, Logic Pro, Ableton or FL Studio, each DAW offers unique features that cater to different artistic styles and preferences. Ultimately, the right choice of DAW can set the stage for unparalleled creativity and success in the electrifying world of Hardstyle music production.

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