Resurfacing Euphoria: JDX Unleashes 'You & Me' - A 13-Year Dance Music Odyssey


In the dynamic world of electronic dance music, some tracks take on a life of their own, becoming highly anticipated by fans despite remaining unreleased for years. One such track is "You & Me," a captivating track by JDX featuring Kelly Q. This anthem, shrouded in mystery for over a decade, has finally emerged from the shadows in 2023, much to the delight of die-hard enthusiasts. 

The Birth of a Masterpiece
Thirteen years ago, JDX had a momentous opportunity to produce the anthem for Fresh Squeezed in Los Angeles. During an event in San Bernardino, destiny united him with Kelly Q, and their creative synergy ignited a spark that would give birth to "You & Me." The track, overflowing with energy and emotion, quickly became a cherished gem in their repertoire.

The Unreleased Gems
Despite the immense love the track received from their inner circle and the dance music scene, the official release of "You & Me" remained pending. Not only the original version but also the remixes crafted by esteemed artists like Wildstylez & Atmozfears stayed hidden from public ears. 

A Moment of Triumph: The Release

After a prolonged wait, the year 2023 marks a moment of triumph as a revamped version of "You & Me" is finally unleashed to the world. JDX decided it was time to share this hidden masterpiece with his loyal supporters and the new generation of dance music enthusiasts. “Now 13 years later I was listening to the old version, and I wanted something new for my recent Defqon.1 performance at the UV, so I decided to produce the new 2023 version”.

The track's mesmerizing melodies, infectious beats, and heartfelt vocals by Kelly Q transport listeners on a euphoric journey, making it well worth the wait. 

You & Me is out now on JDX’s label PL4N3T X. The Dolby Atmos version of the track is available on Apple Music, Tidal & Amazon Music.

JDX,Kelly Q
You & Me
02 / 08 / 2023
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