How TikTok changed our view on music marketing forever 


TikTok has stirred up the social media game massively. Launched in 2017, the platform is now a fixed tool in every marketer's pocket. While some still find it hard to figure out how to use TikTok in alignment with their brand goals, others are on top of their TikTok game and reach thousands of new customers daily. 

We at Scantraxx got hit by the power of TikTok by surprise, we got to admit. In 2019, Scantraxx founder DJ The Prophet released Wanna Play?, which at that point was just a regular release. It was not until one year later, that the track went viral on TikTok. At its peak moment, more than 250.000 videos used the Wanna Play? audio, doing challenges, dances, and other crazy things. 

The track going viral on TikTok also massively impacted all other streaming and download platforms. At the moment, Wanna Play? has more than 41 million Spotify streams, making it The Prophet's most successful track ever. 

The track's success thanks to TikTok made us rethink our release marketing strategy. With regular social media posts reaching less and less people, TikTok but also Instagram Reels get picked up by the algorithm more and more. When looking at our Instagram insights, 90% of the people reached are non-followers, and 41% of the total content reach comes from Reels. 

With Reels and TikTok, marketers can reach people way beyond their engaged followers. With the right, attention-grabbing content, non-followers can be turned into followers, and eventually even consumers. We learned that these platforms require a lot of trial and error and that your regular marketing strategy most likely won't work. We played around with content a lot to find out what works for us, and we are still learning. Both TikTok & Reels are heavily driven by trends and trending audio. While not every trend fits Scantraxx as a brand, we try to think outside the box when it comes to applying trends and making them ours. 

We truly believe in short, attention-grabbing content being the future of social media marketing and we are excited to adapt to that! 

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