Eternate joins Scantraxx Silver


Austrian Hardstyle DJ and producer Eternate recently joined Scantraxx Silver. We met Florian at Electric Love Festival in Austria and talked with him about his music, history and future plans. Keep on reading to get to know this promising talent!

  • First of all, how are you these days?

Really great. Being here again, after that long without any events, feel strange, but fills me with hope. I just love to be back and seeing all the people. All the happy faces, all the dancing people, it’s really amazing! 

  • You're working crazy in the studio, you already had eight releases this year, how do you do it? Where do you get your inspiration from?

Well to be honest, most of the tracks are from last year. The release process always takes a lot of time. And, you know, during COVID and all the weekends at home, it was easier with time management, that’s why there's a lot of tracks. The inspiration mainly comes from listening to other genres. I'm really a lot into Techno, House but also into Drum n Bass,… just to get a clear head and not only having Hardstyle in front of me. So that's mainly where I get inspiration from, different kinds of genres, different kind of sounds.

  • You already started your producer career in 2015. But under a different name, Van H. Why did you make the change? And did that also change your style?

I started as Van H but it was more like EDM. It was hard EDM, Hard House, but also every time there was a Hardstyle influence. Everyone knew me for Hardstyle and I just wanted to make a change. Also the labels told me that Van H is not going to work as it is hard for marketing.
So I felt it needed a cut, a fresh project and a new name. Just me being the Hardstyle DJ, me doing the Hardstyle releases.

  • You already played Austria goes Zrce, Shutdown, and now you're playing Electric Love tomorrow How does it feel to be back in front of a crowd? Are you also going to play some unreleased tracks tomorrow? What we expect from your set?

It feels amazing for sure. Playing all these tracks and preparing and all the new stuff, not only from me, but also from all my mates. It's just a completely different vibe to what it was back then. The people are hungry for new stuff, they're hungry for parties. They just want to have a good time. I'm preparing a lot of stuff, really a lot of stuff, especially all the new projects that are coming in. I really can't wait to play them tomorrow and then just seeing how to how the crowd reacts.

I’m working on an official remix for an artist that is still on Scantraxx!
  • It’s going to be amazing! How would you describe your own sound? 

I'm always trying to surprise people, but always with that really hard touch. Also with some different kinds of elements you don't hear all the time, but always with that really catchy note! Trying to combine a strong melody into a whole atmosphere & a great vibe. I just try to connect with the people and just create a good moment, a good time.

  • You’re one of the few Austrian Hardstyle DJs, how does that feel and what do you think of the Hardstyle scene in Austria?

Well, first of all I must admit that I am really proud of how far this journey already got me. Austria is not as uninteresting as most think. We have some really cool & talented Hardstyle artists in stock which could play a possible major-role internationally soon for sure! I just discovered that two other Austrians have released with Scantraxx Prospexx aswell, KEKU & Adronity! But also others like Dan-Rider, Prosphere, Outlined, Hernandez, Vhale, just to name a few, have great music & big releases lately so it’s really cool to see also Austrians stepping out of the shadows and showing their potential! 

I feel the scene here is becoming bigger and bigger by day. Festivals like Shutdown, Electric Love etc. really prove that. The crowds here are great as well, always dedicated and hungry for a good party - even bigger artists playing here say that. Shoutout to the all promoters & agencies who are pushing Hardstyle! Really makes me happy and feeling good when looking towards the future.

It feels amazing, I still can't believe it!
  • You just got signed to Scantraxx Silver, congratulations. How does that feel?

It feels amazing, I still can't believe it. Being at the label where all my old idols are, all the people I'm looking up to, this just feels amazing. And I really can't wait for everything to happen. We're preparing a lot of stuff, really a lot of cool stuff. I just can't wait to show that to all the people!

  • What can we expect from you joining Scantraxx Silver? What tacks do you have in store, are there any cool projects coming up you can talk about already?

I think I can say that - I’m working on an official remix for an artist that is still on Scantraxx. Yeah, and that's something I'm going to play tomorrow for the first time ever. And quality wise, there's going to be a big upgrade. Really trying to get the best out of the music and just trying to make sure all the tracks that are coming up are really top notch.

  • Nice, that’s great! We are excited to hear the new music. Your first Scantraxx Silver release will be on the 21st of September and it's called Believe. What is the story behind the track, what inspired you?

It sounds really strange, because everyone always says “Yeah, believe in your dreams, and you can make it”. It is true. If you really believe in what you do, and just keep up the hard work, but also have that little kind of patience, then everything's going to work out. When I first heard the vocal of Believe I straight knew which direction it should go! The atmosphere, the melody & everything, it’s all a perfect fit in my opinion. That was also when Scantraxx said: ‘Yeah, we got to push this really hard, because it's really a good track’. That’s quite it.. I always tell my friends, just really do what you love, keep up the hard work and believe in yourself! 

  • That’s really a great story! What can we expect from Eternate in the future? What would be your dream collab for example, or is there any festival that you still really want to play?

Music wise, for sure keeping up with quality releases that people like, and just connecting to the people. Collab wise, I’d say Keltek or D-Block & S-te-Fan are on top of that list at the moment! The way they permanently release those quality tunes is amazing! Both acts are big idols for me.
Playing in the Netherlands is definitely on my bucket list as well! I just really want to play where the roots of this music are, seeing the people there. I have’t been there yet but I hope it’s going to work out in the next few years. And festival-wise, Defqon for sure. I just really want to see it & be part of it once in my life! 

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Scantraxx SILVER
21 / 09 / 2021
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