From Prospexx to Scantraxx: Demi Kanon on Discovering New Hardstyle Talent


In this interview, Demi Kanon talks about the process of discovering new Hardstyle artists and releasing their music, the qualities he looks for in a potential artist or track, and the most important elements of a successful hardstyle track. He also shares his insights on how the hardstyle genre has evolved over the years and gives advice to aspiring hardstyle producers looking to get noticed by labels like Scantraxx. Join us as we delve into the world of hardstyle with Demi Kanon.


Can you walk us through the A&R process at Scantraxx, from discovering new artists to releasing their music?

Usually it starts with sending your demo through the official platform on the Scantraxx website or sending it to one of us directly by mail. We are a team of 3. Thomas, Demi (A&R) and Jorik (General Manager). 

Once you’ve sent your demo one of us 3 is checking it out and gives his feedback to each other. In that way, we all take time and listen to every demo that comes in. If we like the demo, we offer a release on the Prospexx sub-label (Talent Label). This is a good starting point for someone getting known by the way of releasing. On top of that, we give feedback on what could be better/changed on the track.

If you release some really good tracks often on Prospexx and build a profile, the next step could be considering giving you a guest release on Scantraxx Silver or Carbon, where your track will be pushed on the Scantraxx main channel. This guest release is also possible on the first demo you send us, but it needs to be next level obviously! :)

What qualities do you look for in a potential artist or track to release on Scantraxx?

We are always looking for someone that has a fresh and unique sound. I think the idea is more important than the mix-down itself. Because that’s what we can work on! We accept all sorts of demos, from party tracks to emotional, to harder!

We are always looking for someone that has a fresh and unique sound. 

What do you consider to be the most important elements of a successful hardstyle track, and how do you evaluate whether a track has those elements?

A catchy vocal, a good melody and some crazy kicks! I love it if people add many details to their songs, like unique effects / fillers etc.


How do you balance your own creative process as a hardstyle artist with your role as an A&R representative for Scantraxx?

Of Course it’s easy to say no to a track that’s not my taste, but that’s why it’s so great to be in a team of 3. If we consider its quality but not my taste we still accept the demo and work towards a release.

A fun fact is that I hear many producers make the same mistakes as I used to do when I was younger. It’s nice to share my knowledge with them to help them grow!

How do you think the hardstyle genre has evolved over the years?

I’m happy to see it evolve! I think we can easily say it all went harder haha! You often don’t see tracks that are made anymore on 150 bpm but on 155 bpm. I love the way people are super creative with kicks nowadays too. 
I just hope there is enough balance between euphoric and raw at festivals / parties for the future. 

What advice would you give to aspiring hardstyle producers who are looking to get noticed by labels like Scantraxx?

As I said above, be unique, stand out. Not only on the music, but also on social media. Consider sending your demo to: [email protected]

Hope to work with you in the future! :) 


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