This was the Scantraxx Afterparty at Defqon.1


We can't believe what happened!

This was INSANE! At the Defqon.1 Saturday, we got the honor to host the afterparty at the BLUE and wow, we're still speechless! From the very first minute, the entire tent was packed. 30.000 Weekend Warriors celebrated with our Scantraxx Mainlabel, BLACK, Silver & Carbon artists, the vibe was seriously out of this world! Let's recap this night with our favorite memories.


Scantraxx Silver

Our Scantraxx Silver boys Scabtik, Retrospect, Eternate, Bright Visions and Divinez kicked off the party in style. The guys each played their biggest tracks, sweeping the crowd off their feet with the best melodic Hardstyle. How amazing was that?


Scantraxx Main label

Unforgettable memories were created during the Scantraxx Main label block. Our label-boss DJ The Prophet shared the stage with KELTEK, DJ Isaac, Devin Wild, Demi Kanon, Adrenalize, Lady Faith, JDX and Envine and the crowd went absolutely mental when hits such as Wanna Play?, Slave To The Rave or Move Ma Body were played.

Scantraxx Carbon

Name a better boy band, we'll wait ;). Our Scantraxx Carbon mates REVIVE, Nightcraft, Level One, Rogue Zero and Dvastate wrecked the stage from the moment they went on! They were even joined by Headhunterz (and a bunch of randoms, shootout to you!) and Psyko Punkz on stage. Who heard that Scantraxx Rootz Remix of REVIVE & Level One? 


Scantraxx BLACK

If someone knows how to break down a tent it's our Scantraxx BLACK heroes. D-Attack, Imperatorz, Kronos and Imperial gave it their all closing down the afterparty. The boys made sure that nobody stood still when they played high-power tunes such as Valhalla or Papi - can we just go back please?


It was a night we will definitely remember forever. Thanks to each and everyone who came out and celebrated 20 Years of Scantraxx with us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

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