Scantraxx Silver & Carbon Artist Interview


Yesterday, we announced that that we’re taking Scantraxx Silver & Carbon to the next level. We will be working with a team of 10 dedicated Hardstyle artists and now it’s time to get to know them better. Read on to find out all about Bright Visions, Eternate, Phyric, Retrospect, ScabCk, Dvastate, Level One, Nightcraft, REVIVE, and Rogue Zero. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. When and how did your Hardstyle journey start and what brought you here?

Bright Visions: I think it was back in 2012 where I heard some tunes from Wildstylez. This was further amplified by his hit song ‘Year Of Summer’ that I heard on the radio. The sound was so fresh to me. I did listen to some happy Hardcore tracks already and Scooter, but this was fresh and energetic. I became instantly obsessed with the sound, longing for more. 

REVIVE: Okay, what music style gives you the freedom to use a movie line, your own voice with a bit of distortion or a processed 808 beyond recognition? Not to many! Hardstyle gives you all the freedom to be creative. 

Nightcraft: My hardstyle journey started in 2019. But I been around in the hard dance scene for quite a while now. I started making music and doing shows back in 2008 when I was playing jump and tek under my alias. After I made some harder tracks back in 2019 I got a call from Scantraxx if I wanted to join the label. 

Retrospect: The journey started when I was 11 years old. I was always on youtube watching videos and listening to music, at the Fme I listened to heavy rock and stuff like that when I came across a track called: Headhunterz - Aiming For Your Brain. I was instantly sold and also got the urge to produce that music. And well that urge never went away haha. 

Scabtik: My journey started a long time ago when Jumpstyle was still a big thing in the Netherlands. I was already a pretty musical kid playing several instruments but discovering music production on the computer really got the ball rolling. The most memorable moment for me was Defqon.1 2009, that day changed my life and this deep connection with Hardstyle never left me after. Add a few years of hard work in the studio, learning the ins and outs of music production and my act Scabtk is the result. 

What do you like the most about producing hardstyle?

Dvastate: Honestly the best part about producing Hardstyle for me is that it's just me alone in a room doing what I love most. Excluded from the outside world and just being creative. 

Eternate: I think Hardstyle is more of a really touching genre. It's not only made for dancefloors or big stages, it really gives the chills in every kind of mood. You can't compare the sounddesign of Hardstyle to other more commercial EDM Genres. It's way more complex and challenging in my opinion. 

Level One: The part I like the most is creating a theme, but also creating the sounddesign like kicks/screeches and mixing the tracks better and cleaner as the previous tracks! 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

REVIVE: It’s so extremely random you have no idea haha. It can be a rapper I see on a YouTube channel, it can be a video of people screaming lines from a Hardstyle track on the dancefloor or it can be something I had go trough to get back to were I am now. 

Phyric: Radical Redemption and B-Front! Listening to their tracks is something magical! The quality and details in their tracks is unbelievable! Also listening to Hans Zimmer is something else. One of the best musicians there is. 

Scabtik: This depends on my mood and the track I’m going for off course. I have artists within Hardstyle I admire but most of the time I try to stay away from that because you don’t want to copy their signature. The last year(s) I've been obsessed with classical music and the piano in particular, this opened up a whole new world for me and that is what inspires me the most right now. 

How does it feel to be part of the Scantraxx Silver / Carbon crew?

Phyric: One of the best feelings in my life to be honest! I started at X-Raw with Close To Me and was featured a few times in the show of Degos and Re-Done at Q-Dance Radio. After a few releases at X-Raw and Prospexx I've started talking to Scantraxx about maybe a next step in my career and out of nothing they game with a contract. I didn't know what to say. I'm always a cool persons but that time I had a lot of feeling! 

Retrospect: When I was a kid I used to watch the Scantraxx SWAT tours on YouTube and imagining being there and being a part of the label so yeah, it's basically a dream come true! 

Scabtik: I worked very hard to show people I’m worthy to be part of Scantraxx and I feel very proud representing this huge icon of the Hardstyle scene. 

Rogue Zero: It feels great. I’m really proud that I got signed by Scantraxx, which is still one of the biggest labels in the world! I think the whole group consists of very talented artists which are having their own sound as well. 

Dvastate: Awesome, every track I've ever released to this point has been with Scantraxx sublabels. Early on at X-RAW and later at Prospexx. So getting the chance now to move up in the ranks and to join Scantraxx Carbon is a great opportunity for my career to grow. And I'm really grateful for it. 

Level One: It’s a new chapter in my career where we’re going to push boundaries. The last two years I had the chance to focus on new music and develop my sound/skills. Now we have the opportunity to move forward together! 

What can we expect from you in the upcoming time?

Eternate: I want to convince the people, that an Austrian hardstyle project can make it in this scene! I had the honour to do an official remix for a Scantraxx artist and you can expect even more cool releases and projects from me in the future! Stay tuned! 

Nightcraft: A lot of new music, like always.

Phyric: You can expect a lot of new sounds and some cool content on my social media! I want to achieve some good gigs when the clubs are open again to let the people hear my sounds.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Rogue Zero: That’s a hard one because I want to perform everywhere hahaha. But Chile or EDC las Vegas would be amazing. But, performing on the holy grounds of Defqon.1 FesFval is still one of my dreams. Next year!

REVIVE: As long as I have a happy group of Hardstyle people in front of me I’m good. 

Level One: Not particularly one place, I hope to see a lot different countries where I’ve never been and where people are hyped to see me performing! 

Retrospect: Definitely Australia! Love that country!

Nightcraft: Japan, without a doubt. I love everything about Japan. So if somebody would book me there I would probably stay for a few weeks to explore their culture. 

What’s your dream collab?

REVIVE: Having Rick, part of the Bass Modulators, as one of my best friends this collab would be such an highlight in my life. This guy gave me more support than he needed to to help me become the producer I am today. I wonder If I would have found my way back to the studio without him. 

Nightcraft: I like many artists but a lot of people are telling me to get in the studio with B-Front. I think that could turn out pretty dope. Also a collab with Headhunterz or Phuture Noize would be cool. 

Scabtik: I would love to work on a score with Hans Zimmer, Ludwig Goransson or our own JDX! 

Dvastate: That's a difficult choice, with so many great producers out there. Within Hardstyle D-Sturb and Vertile are killing it lately, so either one would be amazing. But I would also like to step outside my comfort zone and maybe make a hardcore track, guess we'll see what the future holds. 

While sittng pretty still the past 2 years, is there anything in particular that you learned? 

Eternate: It may sound quite boring, but I learned to be patient and making the best out of every situation. I was really impatient when I was younger and I often questioned myself, why the stuff wasn't working the way I wanted it to. I understood that I need to work hard and, failure is not always bad and really helps me to improve. 

Level One: For sure! How to keep motivated in these bad times. We still have to deliver new music, but it’s hard to push yourself when feeling down about the covid measures. Also my production skills evolved big time! 

Phyric: Always believe in yourself, never let people decide for you. And i'm thankful for my health, in times like these its never a 100% thing that you will be healthy.

Bright Visions: That there will always be setbacks and things holding you back. I’ve learned that by doing nothing you aren’t going to make progress. Make the most out of it and search for an opportunity. 

Where do you see yourself as an artist in 5 years, what are your goals?

Scabtik: By then, I hope I have found my place in the scene and have developed a style lot’s of people will recognize and identify themselves with. I also hope I have brought new innovations and contributed to the scene with my vision and creativity. Last but not least, my goal is to perform and bring my passion for music to as many people as possible. 

Bright Visions: In 5 years, I will see myself on Scantraxx main label. That is also a huge goal for me. My main goal is to be able to make a living from music, performing and making people happy with my music. Maybe a Defqon 1. BLUE performance? Who knows! 

Nightcraft: I think my music is accessible to any kind of audience, so I see myself playing around the whole globe. In 5 years time I hope to have a big music catalog for fans to enjoy. My main goal will always remain the same: release a lot of music and help the scene grow. 

REVIVE: Altough I’m biased as f*ck hahah and will probably overestimate the opportunity I’m here to stay and go for those main stages and dream collabs. Maybe even sooner than you think... 

Retrospect: My goal is to become one of the best in terms of music production. I think music is the most important part, the rest will follow :) 

Dvastate: Turning my passion into a full time career, making awesome music and performing all over the world for a living. That's my dream, and I'm going to give it my all to achieve that 

Rogue Zero: Hopefully I grow as a producer and artist every year haha. Gejng the chance to play at many cool events. Music-wise I would like to work with themes in my tracks, which I’m working on at this moment. Building a Rogue Zero experience! Next to that, It would be a big dream playing in another country. To bring my music all over the world. 

Eternate: One day for sure an album - with the right concept & the right people arround me. But also, being able to play shows around the globe and making people happy or even inspiring them - simple as that :) 

Level One: My goals are bigger stages on festivals, playing at international events, reaching out more fans and producing good music! 

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