20 Years of Scantraxx


In 2022, we celebrate 20 Years of Scantraxx. Founded by DJ The Prophet, Scantraxx was the very first major Hardstyle label, and had a large impact on many of the scene's top artists.

Ever since our early days in 2002, we have worked hard to create the ultimate memories. The legendary Scantraxx World Artist Tour (S.W.A.T.), the 15 Years of Scantraxx event at Heineken Music Hall, stage hostings, club hostings, impactful releases, albums, team events, and so much more - the past two decades were unforgettable.

Now it is time to honor our legacy and embrace the future. This year, it's all about 20 Years of Scantraxx. From special live streams to takeovers, events, legacy compilation albums, writers camps, new merchandise, artist specials, and much more - it's going to be epic! 

Live experiences, writers camp, new merchandise, events and hostings, pop-up store in Amsterdam, give-aways, artist specials, meet & greets, NFTs and LOTS of new music!
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