Ghost Of Us

Scottish hardstyle superpower Rebelion has been on the steady rise for quite some years, smashing the scene with undisputed hits like “Outta Control”, “Never Back Down” with Micah Martin, “Opening Statements” with Warface and “Bring It On” with Sub Sonik and LXCPR. Best known for their unique persona and concepts, face-melting raw tunes and heavy drops like no other, Rebelion have imprinted their name within the scene as a solid force to be reckoned with.

Their latest release brings you straight into the spring vibe with a powerful storyline, immense atmosphere and of course, those Rebelion drops that keep you coming back for more! “Ghost Of Us” is a balanced tune that blends face-smacking raw elements together with a striking melody and superb vocals that top it off with a bang!