Ran-D & Endymion

Antidote (Kronos Remix)

Kronos has seriously been on a roll lately! Feeling all the inspiration in the world, the fine Italian export has released plenty of pure bangers this year, including his recent release “The Matrix”, “Ghost Town” with Adaro and “Change Your Mind”.

His next release is an official remix for a special original, released back in 2014 by Ran-D and Endymion – yes, we’re talking about “Antidote”. The original stood out during its time for possessing such bold Raw Hardstyle with elements merged with a touch of Hardcore. Fast forward six years later and Kronos was chosen to create an official remix. How did he do? Well, other than giving a nice refresh and update to the original, he added some extra Kronos oomph and twists, especially on the main drop.