Insanity EP

A2REC186 | Krowdexx – Insanity
Freaky, mysterious duo Krowdexx are more than just two guys wearing scary masks. Hailing from Italy, they’ve become renowned as a promising duo that packs a powerful punch in their tunes. Already sporting an extensive discography that’s booming with massive tracks, we’re now proud to welcome Krowdexx to A2 Records for an exclusive release!

Titled “Insanity,” this melodic-based tune is the perfect example of traditional, old-school vibes mixed with a contemporary Raw punch! The heavy climax goes hard on the dance-floor, so prepare to be blown away by this masked duo!

A2REC186 | Krowdexx & Fanatics – Shotgun
Up and coming Italian duo Krowdexx have been proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with. With high-level tunes such as “Get Paid” with Enemy Contact, “Vektans” and “The Sky Is Falling,” these masked brothers-in-crime are on an inspiring rise to the top!

In light of their first E.P. being released on A2 Records, Krowdexx has stepped it up and pooled their resources with the Australian duo Fanatics. After remixing their track “#RFG,” both acts decided it was time to experiment and create a “Shotgun” of a tune! Containing an unconventional A# minor key, this hard-hitting tune is just a mere indication of what the next generation is capable of!

A2REC186 | Krowdexx – Harder Than You Think
Decked out in freaky masks with insane music to match their persona, mysterious duo Krowdexx has been pushing the extremes ‘till all hell breaks loose! Scoring a 4-track E.P. on A2 Records, the pair has stepped it up and brought four speaker-wrecking tracks that make a statement.

The final of the four is titled “Harder Than You Think” and this number really stays true to its title. With an aim to create a track that’s as hard as it possibly can be, Krowdexx balance out all the distortion and screeches with a rhythmic and groovy Trap element.

A2REC186 | Krowdexx – To Substance
For a few years now, promising duo Krowdexx have been flaunting their skills and unique flair through the boundary-pushing discography they’ve created. Sporting a diverse sound that ranges from melo-raw, all the way up to ear-melting screeches and kicks, these wild Italians have earnt their place at the top of the talent cohort.

Taking the next leap in their career, they’ve been awarded a debut E.P. on A2 Records, which contains four mega tunes. One of these is the Rock-inspired tune “To Substance,” which packs in brutal scream vocals, merged together with a crunchy and distorted anti-climax kick. Gear up for some serious head-banging!