Kronos Ft. MC Coppa

Born To Dominate

Despite residing in The Netherlands for quite a while, Hardstyle stallion Kronos has never lost touch to his roots! Build on the foundations of humbleness, Italian zest and all the right herbs and spices to create intense beats, he’s become known for creating tracks with authentic inspirational messages. Take “No Pain No Gain” or “Go Hard Or Go Home” as an example of Kronos taking Hardstyle to a whole new level – talk about music with meaning!

His latest track, “Born To Dominate” featuring MC Coppa is no exception to his intentions! As a follow-up to “Born To Dominate,” Kronos shares the story about two types of people – the ones who are born to obey, or those who are born to dominate! Question is; which category do you belong in…?