Edge Of Existence (Reverze Anthem 2019)

KELTEK is a name that’s burst into Hardstyle’s stratosphere over the past couple of years. Thanks to his atmospheric, spine-shivering productions that are amongst the strongest in the genre, this humble pioneer has earnt his well-deserved respect from devoted fans and fellow artists alike.

2018 was a mind-blowing year for the Scantraxx forerunner, who not only released mega-hits like “Dark Sun” (#8 in the Hardstyle Top 100), “Valkyries,” “Through The Night” and “Dance The Way I Am,” but also scored the award of ‘Best Euphoric Breakthrough 2018,’ performed at major festivals in The Netherlands and even abroad in México, Chile, Australia, Czech Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom, Croatia & more!
Opening the New Year with full power, KELTEK is proud to present his first ever anthem – which represents one of the largest indoor gatherings.

Yep, he’s the man behind the Reverze 2019 anthem “Edge Of Existence” and we can assure you that this anthem provides intensity and emotion, delivered with an authentic punch!