Album Sampler 002

E-Force & Raiden – Beware
Pushing you to the ‘edge of insanity’ with raw beats and huge atmospheres, E-Force has taken his career to the next level with the release of his debut album! With this acclaimed artefact freshly-released and doing damage on dance-floors worldwide, there’s no doubt that E-Force has a goldmine on his hands.

Opening the album on a melodic note, track #2 is a stellar collaboration with femme fatale Raiden, titled “Beware.” Containing ghostly vocals and an unexpected melody, this track exhibits a tasteful balance between hard-hitting roughness and a progressive ambience.

E-Force & Frequencerz – Men Of Steel (Devin Wild Remix)
It was a monumental moment for Hardstyle when E-Force and Frequencerz’ stellar hit “Men Of Steel” dropped back in 2014. Revealing a revolutionary edge to their productions where surprising melodies shone, this track quickly dominated the genre with its accessible, yet hard approach.

Now, almost three years later and “Men Of Steel” has received the royal treatment from one of the most anticipated young producers. With the honours given to Devin Wild, he’s managed to totally re-vamp this modern classic with his own signature twist! Included on E-Force’s album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ this remix will let the good times roll this summer.

E-Force & Luna – Kill The Noise
Dubbed one of Hardstyle’s most iconic collaborating duos, E-Force and Luna are the embodiment of complete musical insanity! Holding a collection of stellar joint-works from the past, it’s evident that when these two world collide, sonic greatness is achieved.

In lieu of E-Force’s freshly-dropped album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ it came without question that a feature with Luna would be included. Titled “Kill The Noise,” this tune never ceases to do damage during sets, as thousands of fans join in and sing along to its addictive melody!

E-Force & Sub Zero Project – Here Comes The Boom
What happens when a seasoned name and an up and coming duo pool their resources?! Well, to put it plainly, the answer is: nothing less than sonic weaponry! A2 Records veteran E-Force has taken prosperous duo Sub Zero Project under his wing and together, the boys have created one hell of a dance-floor slammer!

Titled “Here Comes The Boom,” whether you’re ‘ready or not,’ some serious bass is ready to strike! Unrestrained, rough and powerful are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing this slammer!

E-Force – Stresstest
After feasting your senses on E-Force’s brand-new album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ you’ll surely be feeling the burn after experiencing 24 fresh tracks. Embodying a class selection of next-level experiments, this Raw Hardstyle phenomenon has blown all boundaries away with his penetrating release “Stresstest.”

Encompassing a filthy Psy Trance bassline and brutality on all corners, you’d better hook yourself up to the monitors and jump on the treadmill, ‘cause E-Force is about to test your fitness with this extreme hit!

E-Force & Frequencerz – Attention (Digital Punk & Alpha2 Remix)
Drawing your full ‘attention’ with piercing screeches and garish kicks, E-Force and Frequencerz’ 2012 hit “Attention” was a straight-forward knockout, to say the least. Five years later and in light of E-Force’s critically acclaimed album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ this ravaging banger has been revived by the likes of Digital Punk and Alpha2.

With the boys amalgamating their signature styles into a vicious collaboration remix, the access code is broken and sheer musical savagery is achieved.

E-Force & D-Sturb – Cut Your Lungs
E-Force’s debut album ‘The Edge Of Insanity’ has seen him collaborating with a diverse selection of artists to create a fully-fledged listening experience. One of the contributing names is no less than ‘the king of kickrolls,’ otherwise known as promising youngster D-Sturb.

The pair absorbed themselves into creating the pitiless floor-filler, titled “Cut Your Lungs.” With the track as callous as its title, these two heavyweights have ruthlessly reconnoitred their musical parameters!

E-Force & Luna – Are You With Me
Whenever A2 Records superstar E-Force is locked behind studio doors with Minus Is More head honcho Luna, complete and utter sensory vengeance is created! With past collaborations instantly conquering the scene, there’s no doubt that these two heavyweights are a musical match made in heaven.

Included on E-Force’s stellar album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ his iconic collaboration with Luna “Are You With Me” is built-in to the unprecedented track-list. Containing ear-splitting screeches and monstrous kicks, this tune will shake the walls harder than a category five earthquake!

E-Force – The Dead Rap
From lurking the underground to conquering the mainstage, eminent Raw Hardstyle marvel E-Force has been reckoned as one of the most inspirational artists in the industry. Pushing his status even higher with the release of debut album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ E-Force has got heads cracking with his hard-hitting, yet intricate productions.

Included on the album is the colossal solo slammer “The Dead Rap.” Containing the finest blend of herbs and spices fresh out of the cupboard, E-Force has managed to whip up an addictive recipe that’ll leave listeners begging for more!

E-Force & RVAGE – Me Against You
What happens when seasoned A2 veteran teams up with the new kid on the block?! In short, complete musical savagery! Equip yourself to embark on the ultimate listening experience, delivered by E-Force and RVAGE, as titled “Me Against You.”

Promising shattering kicks that shake sound-systems harder than an earthquake, merged together with a spine-shivering melody, it’s clear that these two label-bros comprise the perfect team. As released on E-Force’s album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ prepare yourselves for this combative tune!

E-Force, Warface & Rebelion – One
With his debut album ‘The Edge Of Insanity’ out in the open and making waves amongst the scene, it’s no secret that E-Force has deservingly won the hearts of Hardstyle fans worldwide. With this musical showcase covering a diverse range of sounds in Hardstyle, towards the end of the album E-Force treats listeners to a brutal collab, created alongside Warface and Rebelion.

Titled “One,” you can expect nothing less than Earth-shattering kicks, a relentless atmosphere and non-stop driving energy!

E-Force & Radical Redemption – Screw Up
As his biggest musical project to date, newly-released album ‘The Edge Of Insanity’ has earned its unprecedented status in the scene. Featuring a fresh collection of solos, official remixes and rule-breaking collabs, next up to the plate is a joint-work with no less than kickrolling king Radical Redemption.

Titled “Screw Up,” these two heavyweights have plastered a masterpiece that’s a shining spectacle of Raw Hardstyle at its finest. 

E-Force & Bass Chaserz – Attack
A2 Records heavyweight E-Force is still experiencing the afterglow from his recently-released album ‘The Edge Of Insanity.’ With the tracks doing total damage on dance-floors worldwide, it’s evident that this mastermind has gone above and beyond to wow his fans!

As part of the creation journey, E-Force teamed up with numerous artists, one act being the mighty Bass Chaserz. Pooling their resources to create “Attack,” the guys have incorporated a dark and devastating melody, with an attention-grabbing atmosphere to create the perfect addition for your summer playlist! 

E-Force – One Of A Million
With the momentum still running high after the release of his debut album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ Hardstyle titan E-Force has been proudly damaging crowds during performances with this fresh wave of new tunes.

One particular track that brutalizes the eardrums of die-hards is his solo slammer “One Of A Million.” Incorporating filthy screeches, heavy kicks and a monster dose of energy, you’d better gear up because this number is not designed for the faint-hearted!

E-Force & Delete – Pleasure Or Pain
Capturing the experimentalist edge of Hardstyle within his album ‘The Edge Of Insanity,’ A2 Records titan E-Force teamed up with no less than the artistic Australian, Delete. Pooling their diverse minds to create “Pleasure Or Pain,” the pair hit the nail on the head with this fresh, unique piece of art.

Incorporating powerhouse kicks, experimental sound design and dynamic diversity all rolled into one killer track, this number shoves the limitations of traditional Hardstyle.

E-Force – Psycho
With his complex and top-notch productions pushing listeners to the ‘edge of insanity’, it’s evident that E-Force has created a fully-fledged musical experience designed for the hardest of souls. Exploring the boundaries of contemporary Hardstyle, he’s managed to create a class selection of innovative, yet rough tunes that’ll ravage your eardrums!

His latest release, “Psycho” nears the end of the album’s playlist, meaning that everything from annihilating kicks to startling tempo changes is ensured. This number will transport you into a whole new facet of brutality!

E-Force – Kicking Brutal Shit
Unlocking a golden musical formula that’s impacted the Hardstyle scene, A2 Records superstar E-Force has evidently seen the seeds of his efforts flourish into an impressive zenith. Proudly releasing his stellar album ‘The Edge Of Insanity’ in April, he’s now savouring the act of triumphantly dropping these creations out in the open.

Edging towards the final tracks of the album and E-Force has gone full-blown savage! Cranking up the tempo and mixing in influences from his 2014-hit “Seven,” his latest release “Kicking Brutal Shit” is the perfect closing to a robust, fierce set!