Enemy Contact

Claim Your Weapons

Enemy Contact has made every moment count in 2018 by striving to work as hard as he possibly can and continuing to develop himself within the Hardstyle scene. The lively producer has taken a massive leap of faith this year, by breaking past his ‘talent’ status and moving into more serious territory. Releases such as “Victory,” “Eternity” feat Hardstyle Pianist & Sewy and “The Bullet” pulled tremendous attention to Enemy Contact, who soon saw his booking agenda and fan-base skyrocketing.

Closing 2018 with an explosive new release, he’s had the honour to release an official remix for Christian Reindl feat. Atrel – Claim Your Weapons, which is a much rougher take on the ambient original. If you’re into pure emotion and passive vocals accompanied by superb rawness, then this tune is for you!