Level One, Physika ft. Disarray, Rogue Zero & Rude Convict, BENGR

BLACK Box 002

Level One – Fight To Survive

Up and coming Raw Hardstyle sensation Level One is on a sure-fire journey to the top! Always striving to improve and develop, this young and ambitious producer has worked non-stop on his style and is now seeing the efforts manifesting into attention-grabbing releases like the knockout hit “Moment Of Truth” with RVAGE, “The Question”, “Victory”, “Violated” with Tha Watcher” and “Brink Of Extinction” among others.

We’re thrilled to welcome him onto our second BLACK Box EP, where his newest solo “Fight To Survive” shines out to Raw Hardstyle lovers. Feel and embrace the wholesome talent of Level One with the combination of smashing, bassface-worthy kicks and next-level screeches!

Rogue Zero & Rude Convict – Drop

After the success of our first BLACK Box EP, we’re back with a second one – which means that a new group of promising new talent have been invited onto our label to showcase what they’ve got!

This EP sees an explosive and fresh collaboration between two talented heroes of the future. “Drop” by Rogue Zero and Rude Convict is a top-quality banger that will crank up the heat during your house parties this summer. The pair will blow you away with in your face kicks, a refreshing and smooth Raw melody and delectably heavy screeches!

BENGR – Overtime

If you haven’t yet heard of BENGR, then you’d best get with the program, because this guy is the future of Raw Hardstyle! With his first release coming out on X-Bone just last year, BENGR has gone onto release a staggering seven tunes, which include “Starlight”, “Droppin’ The Heat”, “Roll Up”, “Greatest Ever” and many more.

We invited him to release his brand-new cut “Overtime” on our BLACK Box 002 EP and trust us when we say you are not ready for this! BENGR will blow you away with an appealing and well-rounded summer tune that features a likeable female vocal, hard as hell drop and thundering kicks.

Physika ft. Disarray – We Will Rise

When thinking about artists who are set to dominate the Hardstyle scene in the future, Physika is definitely a DJ/producer that stands out. He’s already proven his undeniable skills with releases like “Memories”, “My Shadows”, “Bassline Homicide” with Krowdexx & Tha Watcher and “Time Of Your Life” with Thyron.

Get ready for more goods from this talented fella, as he proudly releases “We Will Rise” featuring Disarray on our BLACK Box 002 EP. The anthemic and emotive vibes in the track’s melody make it stand out, especially combined with Disarray’s unique and astounding voice.