A2 Records

In the year 2008, the world of hardstyle was swept into a change as A2 Records burst into the scene. With a purpose to create raw hardstyle of the highest quality and credibility, A2 Records has arguably been the #1 raw hardstyle label from the very start.

Originating as a sub label from Scantraxx Recordz by the founders, Alpha², the label has been impacting the hardstyle scene since its very first release “Nowhere To Hide/In Time.”

Building up their prestige over the years and backing themselves with a powerful team of frontline producers and DJs, A2 Records is a label consisting of new musical opportunities, innovation and of course, a burning desire to be unstoppable. With a sophisticated team consisting of front men E-Force, Digital Punk, Alpha2 and X-Pander, 2015 is already proving to be a huge year for the label.

In 2015, A2 Records will celebrate its 100th release with an exclusive showcase, will hold more prestigious events in and outside The Netherlands and bring a huge front of new music.