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MERCHANDISE: Scantraxx BeanieOUT NOW: D-Block & S-te-Fan and D-Sturb – Feel It!OUT NOW: KELTEK ft. Diandra Faye – Kingdom ComesPRE-SAVE: Requiem – Fire Power (Scantraxx)PRE-SAVE: Imperial & Irradiate – Fast Life (Scantraxx BLACK)OUT NOW: BLACK Box 001OUT NOW: Demi Kanon – The Mission (Scantraxx)OUT NOW: Tatanka – P2TC (Scantraxx)OUT NOW: Shockwave – Heaven (Scantraxx Silver)PRE-SAVE: Crude Intentions – Into The Groove (Scantraxx Silver)OUT NOW: REVIVE – God Is The Architect (Scantraxx Silver)OUT NOW: Scantraxx Spotlight Vol. 2Hardstyle Hits | Spotify PlaylistLatest releasesScantraxx News