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With a spectacular desire to succeed, DJ Zatox has launched a series of hits in rapid succession since the beginning of 2009. Before he started his revolution, Zatox was already responsible for a sensational series of hit records also with the alias "Wild Motherfuckers" with DJ Tatanka. Their "Fothermucker" became an unofficial anthem for the edition of Defqon.1 Festival 2007, but it was the anthem of Hard Bass 2011 that made the duo, a trademark of quality, creativity and energy, also demonstrated by the tracks "Wildest" and "We Don't Care (President mix)". Two other excellent business cards for Zatox are undoubtedly his mega-hit "My Life" and his own hosting at Thrillogy 2012, where we saw him star for a whole night.

In 2010, Zatox launched his label Italian Hardstyle under the Scantraxx brand. Hosting classic releases such as the Creation EP, the original Raw Style EP, which gave birth to the genre we know today as Raw, and even a Decibel anthem, Italian Hardstyle left a deep mark on the scene and it was undoubtedly missed when it departed. In 2022, after 10 years of absence, Italian Hardstyle is celebrating its comeback. 

Highlighted Tracks

Acid For Your Brain
Italian Hardstyle
19 / 04 / 2023
Zatox,The Purge,Dave Revan
Italian Hardstyle
24 / 03 / 2023
Hardstyle Never Dies
Italian Hardstyle
16 / 02 / 2023
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