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About Imperatorz

Imperatorz, also known as Kevin or 'Big K,' began his music journey in 2010, diving into the dynamic world of music, attending parties, and closely following the rise of artists in the hardstyle scene.

After years of dedication and planning, Imperatorz's breakthrough came in October 2016 when his debut track premiered at the famous Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, one of the Netherlands' largest indoor venues. This marked the start of his music career, and he soon gained recognition from Dutch labels like X-Raw Records (Scantraxx Prospexx), Gearbox Digital and the prestigious Dirty Workz.

In a bold move to pursue his dreams, Imperatorz relocated to the Netherlands in October 2018, immersing himself in the heart of the hardstyle universe. In early 2019, he signed with the respected label Scantraxx as talent, opening a new chapter in his musical journey. His rise through Scantraxx was rapid, achieving the status of a main label artist by early 2021

Imperatorz's electrifying performances at events like Loudness, Qapital, and Defqon.1 in 2018 showcased his signature high-energy sets, blending influences from Dubstep, Drum 'n' Bass, and Psytrance. His unique style also caught the attention of international promoters, leading to a sold-out event, ESI Darkness, in Australia in late 2019.

One of his major achievements during the last 2 years, was the unveiling of 'IMPAKT LIVE' at Scantraxx: 20 years label night in late 2022. This spectacular live performance captured audiences at major events like Into The Madness in Germany, Decibel Outdoor, and Rebirth Festival in the Netherlands.

Internationally, Imperatorz made a lasting impression in 2023, with his signature high-intensity shows, including a standout performance at Australia's largest festival, Knock-out Outdoor: Spirit of the Wolf. He also set Madrid ablaze at Fabrik, the city's most famous club. 

His journey took him to prominent events like Electric Love Festival and Shutdown in Austria, Dropzone Festival in the Czech Republic, Defqon.1 Festival in the Netherlands, and Ikarus Festival in Germany.

In the realm of music, Imperatorz continued to innovate and push boundaries, collaborating with fellow artists and producing hits like "Warrior" with Aversion and "Stuck in My Head!" with Anderex, showcasing his evolving sound. Additionally, he joined forces with Ncrypta for "Break The Fall" and with Fraw for "The Raw Breaker," solidifying his reputation as a rising star in the raw hardstyle genre.

Looking ahead, Imperatorz continues creating momentum by collaborating with heavyweights in the raw scene, including Regain and Unresolved. Staying determined to push the boundaries of his sound and delivering high-energy, high-intensity performances across the globe.

Highlight tracks

Level One,Imperatorz,Kronos,Imperial,Disarray,Neroz,D-Attack
Scantraxx BLACK
30 / 11 / 2023
Imperatorz ft. Disarray - Alpha Legion (IMPAKT Live Edit)
Scantraxx BLACK
01 / 11 / 2023
Last Word,Imperatorz
Scantraxx BLACK
10 / 08 / 2023
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