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Bright Visions

About Bright Visions

Enter the perception of the mind with Bright Visions. A next in line artist who is ready to take the world by storm and to take you with you on his journey. Marijn van der Hart is a young dj and producer from the Netherlands who recently signed to Scantraxx Silver, who has set his footprint within the scene already with multiple releases before. 

Bright Visions is all about showing you his perspective on Hardstyle and all that the genre has to offer. Combining euphoric sounds with a raw touch and experimenting with influences from other genres makes each track unique and yet an exploration on its own. 

Marijn is known for his dedication and drive to deliver powerful tracks and versatile performances. Inviting you to go on a journey with him through sound is really something he does on its own manor. He is well aware of the way he needs to connect with fans and audiences and is really looking for a pure connection with the people in front of him. Not only for the love for the music, but also on a more personal level he is someone who really wants to unify with all who surround him. 

Even though he is only getting started, he already had releases on multiple well-known recordlabels in the industry and performed on events such as DEFQON. 1, REVELATiON, Intents Festival and Harmony Of Hardcore. With loads of new music and an identity that really matches the core values of his Visions coming up, the future is looking more Bright than ever.

Hightlight tracks

Bright Visions
Lose Control
Scantraxx SILVER
11 / 10 / 2023
Bright Visions
Scantraxx SILVER
12 / 07 / 2023
Bright Visions
Rhythm Of Your Heart
Scantraxx SILVER
20 / 09 / 2022
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