You are all infected!


You are all infected! 

Over the past few months, Australian duo Bioweapon have completed an absolutely mammoth 7-week tour in Europe, playing to countless hardstyle fans at a multitude of festivals and clubs. This Sydney duo have been breaking new ground for Australian music, representing Aussie Hardstyle on an international scale by playing at events such as Euphoria, Bassleader, Obsessions Outdoor, XXlerator and Defqon.1.

Bringing their natural raw energy to Holland, Bioweapon have infected the hearts and minds to all of those who saw them perform!

‘We really felt a great hour and vibe about being able to perform and bring Australian music to Holland and thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience! We can’t wait to come back here and infect you all over again!”

And to celebrate the coming back to their native Australia, Bioweapon have combined forces with the mighty Toneshifterz to put together a monster EP: Scantraxx Silver 016. From the quirky vibes to ‘Beat Conductor’, the uplifting breakdowns of ‘Future of Noize’ or the sheer power of ‘Worlds Collide’, this collaborative EP has something for everyone! Get Infected!