X-Qlusive | D-Block & S-te-Fan

X-Qlusive | D-Block & S-te-Fan

Saturday January 22nd 2011 a new X-Qlusive takes place, in the Heineken Music Hall. Last year Headhunterz was the shining star; now it’s time for two new heroes: D-Block & S-te-Fan!

“From the very first moment we’ve heard that X-Qlusive 2011 would be a D-Block & S-te-Fan night, we are living with an overwhelming excitement! It is an absolute honour to become part of an exclusive line of artists, that have hosted their own X-Qlusive! We are really looking forward to it! You know what to expect; An amazing atmosphere, Dancing people, Good music, Phat artists and mostly a lot of fun! We cannot wait till January 22 2011, X-Q D-Block & S-te-Fan!”

If you don’t want to miss this edition of X-Qlusive, make sure you’ll order your tickets in time. Ticket sales for X-Qlusive D-Block & S-te-Fan start Saturday November 13th, 00:00h (GMT+1), exclusively at www.q-dance.com .

Source: Q-dance.com