Vote for your favourite ‘Midifilez’ tracks

Vote for your favourite ‘Midifilez’ tracks

It’s just a matter of time before the ‘Midifilez’ CD hit the stores! Because of the huge amount of tracks Brennan Heart cannot choose the right tracks for the 12″ ‘Midfilez’ album sampler. He needs your help with this one!

Go to his website and choose your 4 favourite tracks and make a chance to win the Brennan Heart – Midifilez goody bag* (powered by ). The 4 most voted tracks will be released on one 12″ ‘Midifilez’ album sampler. So for all you vinyl junkiez out there: It’s voting time!

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01. Blademasterz – In The End 
02. Brennan Heart – LSD (Love, Sadness & Desire)
03. Brennan Heart – Van Halen Is A Rockstar
04. Dj Zany – Pure (Brennan Heart Rmx)
05. Brennan Heart – This Is Not… 
06. Brennan Heart & Frontliner: Search For More (Demo Mix) 
07. Brennan Heart – One-Master-Blade 
08. Brennan Heart – M!D!Mash Prt II
09. The Beholder & Balistic – Decibel Anthem 2002 (Brennan Heart Edit)
10. Unknown Analoq – Acid & Dubstyle
11. Brennan Heart – Memento (Ivan Carsten 2010 Vocal Mix)
12. Brennan Heart – FIYD (Blademasterz Rmx)
13. Unknown Analoq – Like Your Style
14. Brennan Heart/Blademasterz – Zaag Tool Scantraxx Live
15. Brennan Heart – Revival Mash Up
16. Brennan Heart & A-lusion – Don’t Speak 
17. Brennan Heart – Watch Me Grow (Qrimetime Dj Tool) 
18. Blademasterz/Brennan Heart – Secret Of The Blade (Live Act Mix)
19. Brennan Heart – Face The Enemy (Decibel Edit)
20. Brennan Heart – Audiometric (Qlimax 2009 Mix) 
21. Brennan Heart – M.!.D.!.F.Y. (Hardbass Tool)
22. Brennan Heart – Remember, Remember Qlimax 2009 (Outro Edit)

* gives away 2 goody bags. Each goody bag is filled with one signed 12″ ‘Midfilez’ album sampler and one signed ‘Brennan Heart presentz Midifilez’ CD. Winners will be contacted personally.