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Freakz at Night, it’s time to vote for your hero! 
There’s no way you haven’t heard of this guy before, because E-Force has been on a roll lately! Previous bangers like ‘Freakz at Night’, and ‘Crucifix’, and performances on stages everybody dreams of have already proven this guy owns some serious talent, but this year, he’s ready to take it to the next level!
The responses to E-Force’s latest track ‘Seven’ were overwhelming! Edward has definitely proven he knows how to please his fans. If you haven’t heard the preview yet, check it out here:
It’s impossible to think about Raw Hardstyle without E-Force coming to your mind. His tracks and live sets will give you a lasting impression of this dedicated artist. 
If there is any artist who is growing rapidly, it’s E-Force! Support him by voting for E-Force in the DJ Mag top 100 DJs poll! 
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