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There are lots of definitions known of the word ‘punk’. The one thing they all have in common is that ‘punk’ is never ordinary or stereotype. Well, this man Digital Punk certainly isn’t ordinary. His love and passion for music resulted in a DJ career that went sky high in no time. 

With his talent he can produce just about anything. His tracks ‘Can’t be stopped’ ‘Retribution’ and several collabs with raw hardstyle producers prove he really is a musical genius. Adding this up to his exceptional capability to adapt completely with the partypeople at every clubnight or festival around the world, promises we will here a lot more of Digital Punk!

Digital Punk doesn’t just produce tracks, no he already launched his own album ‘Escape from reality’ and has his very own podcast called ‘Unleashed’, which is powered by A2 Records. With this podcast he provides brand new raw material to his fans every month. 

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