The Lab – Bunker (Scantraxx)

The Lab – Bunker (Scantraxx)

Q-dance and Scantraxx have organized an incredible fourteen-hour party in The Lab in the dark bunker in Weeze. The two organisations will be handling an equal share of the party. In The Lab, skilful and cutting edge chemical experimentation will be taking place, and certainly on 12 September. In The Lab, Q-dance will conjure up a talented group of top-notch DJs, who will serve you up such a heavy mix that will leave you asking yourself: “Did it really happen?” Scantraxx is brewing an explosive mix of DJs that should lead to an apocalyptic Big Bang that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! So be alert and take the necessary precautions, then you can be sure that “shit happens” doesn’t happen to you. Below, a number of Scantraxx artists give you a taste of the upcoming Q-BASE spectacle at Airport Weeze.


“Q-BASE is always one of the highlights of the year for me. That’s why I haven’t missed a single edition of the festival yet. I came to the festival as a visitor in 2004 and 2008, and in the years in between, I was here as a performer. I still get a lot of good responses, particularly for my performance in 2006. In my opinion, the festival just keeps getting better and better every year! That’s why this year once again I’m so tremendously excited about performing there…


“This is the fifth time for us performing at the Q-BASE festival, so we’ve only missed one edition. It’s still a special festival location for us because of the unbelievably phat location. Those bunkers and that hangar give the festival that little something extra. We recently signed with Scantraxx, so we’ll be paying our first visit to The Lab during the Scantraxx S.W.A.T. Tour. That makes this edition of Q-BASE even more special for us…

Scope DJ

“I’ve been to all of the previous editions of Q-BASE, but this is the first time that I’ll be performing there as an artist. I’ve always found it to be a super cool location and I have a lot of good memories about the festival. That’s why I’m so excited about this year’s edition, and certainly now that I’m going to be playing there myself! Right now, I’m hard at work in my studio preparing for Q-BASE. I’m also currently working on a few new tracks, one of which is a remix of a golden oldie. Just which one that will be, you’ll find out soon…


“12 September will be the second time for me at Q-BASE. Last year, I played the Open Air stage and, even though I wasn’t feeling too well, I had a crazy good time! Q-BASE is obviously known for its super cool location, the range of artists and the fantastic shows that Q-dance always arranges down to the most minute detail…

MC Da Syndrome

“I remember it like it was yesterday. The last can of beer was popped open at a quarter to eight in the morning and I still had just enough strength to announce the last DJ. When I got back to the car, my driver was already sitting and waiting for me with a cigarette in his mouth. He was excitedly telling me about an old, rusted grenade he had found. What else do you expect on an old army base, right? It was sixteen incredibly fantastic hours, but also unbelievably tiring. In 2006, I was given my first shot at hosting a bunker at the very high-profile Q‑BASE party, where I was asked to host the Techno stage. Of course, it is fantastic to be able to perform at a festival like that and I was really grateful to the organisation for giving me that opportunity…

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