The 9th Hard Dance Awards


Vote for Scantraxx at the 9th Hard Dance Awards, voting starts on 2nd January!

Since 2003, the Hard Dance Awards team has continually tracked evolution and successes of our vibrant community, to create the ultimate annual celebration of worldwide hard music culture. 2011 has witnessed our hard dance scene break out into the mainsteam, the 9th Hard Dance Awards is preparing to showcase this success while heading to Holland and opening his portal on 2nd January to receive your votes.

Stunning results
The results of the 8th edition were incredible for Scantraxx and his artists. Thanks to your vote Scantraxx was voted for ‘Best Label’ at the 8th annual Hard Dance Awards, for the second time in a row! Scantraxx’ founder Dov Elkabas  aka The Prophet won the most honorable award of the year, the one for his ‘Outstanding Contribution’ in the hard dance scene. Headhunterz  won a great total of 3 awards: ‘Best European Hard Dance Dj’, ‘Best International Hard Dj’ and ‘Best Track’ with Psychedelic. Still very happy and proud, we’re secretly hoping for even more. Also this year we need your support and votes, because YOU decide who’ll win the awards!

Hard Dance Awards powered by heads to Holland
The 9th edition Marks an exciting new chapter for the Hard Dance Awards as the ceremony will be held outside the UK for the very first time. Following the trend that has propelled numerous Dutch hard DJs into the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll in 2011, the 9th edition show will be held in the Matrixx club in The Netherlands on Friday march 9th 2012.

“Holland is not only home to the world’s biggest hard DJs, but with dedicated events attracting up to 40,000 party goers it makes complete sense to take the industry standard awards ceremony to the current heartland after 8 years touring the UK. The line-up promises to be World class with artists from more countries representing on the decks than ever before so stand by for action!”

We already thank you for your support and votes.

Voting starts on 2nd January 2012 at