The 5 fun facts about KELTEK you didn’t know

  1. Did you know he made the Official Soundtrack of Rebirth? KELTEK has kicked the festival season off in style! Enjoy the full version of the Rebirth OST called ‘Kick Off’ now.
  2. Did you know that KELTEK has already released 7 tracks on Scantraxx Recordz? Click here to watch the playlist with all his tracks.
  3. Did you know that KELTEK has created the Scantraxx 15 Years OST last year together with Devin Wild, Adrenalize & Villain?
  4. Did you know that KELTEK was invited to join one of the biggest Dutch talk show RTL Late Night, to talk about Jorien Ter Mors who had great successes on the Olympics by listening to Down To Earth before the start? Watch the footage here:
  5. Did you know that KELTEK is a proud father of a daughter? (Left: proud father Pepijn of Frequencerz, Right: proud daddy KELTEK).