Squaretraxx 002 – Ruthess & Vorwerk Vs Manu Kenton


Squaretraxx 002 – Ruthess & Vorwerk Vs Manu Kenton

The second release on Squaretraxx is a cooperation between Ruthless, Vorwerk en Manu Kenton. Manu Kenton is well known in the techno scene and all the big techno artists are supporting Mr. Kenton. 

Squaretraxx has his own typical sound with Jump, Techno and Hardstyle. This is not something to add this to a specific genre. Squaretraxx part 2 contains 3 releases with a raw, fat and strong sound. This is something to pump up the audience! 

Release date: 18 / 05 / 2009

Label: Scantraxx Squaretraxx

Producer:  Ruthless, Vorwerk, Manu Kenton

Side A: Pump The Bass
Side B1: Camera
Side B2: System Crash

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