Scantraxx Yearmix 2012


2012, what an extraordinary year… is it really almost over? When we think about what has happened in the past 12 months, it’s hard not to feel like celebrating. Within such a short space of time, we’ve signed talented new artists, hosted 8 parties and even launched an iPhone app. Let’s not forget the most important part, we’ve worked hard to reach a total of 70 releases since the beginning of 2012, which includes 5 albums. The main Scantraxx label has also passed a fantastic milestone of 100 releases since 2002! All of this was done while celebrating our 10th year in hard dance music.

To look back on an unforgettable year, we’ve called upon our most recently signed artist (Waverider) to give us a special yearmix for the last Scantraxx Radioshow of 2012, and it will be hosted by MC Da Syndrome!

Check out the broadcast schedule:             December 27th         18:30/20:00 GMT+1
DI.FM:                  December 28th         18:00/19:30 GMT+1
Q-dance radio:        December 28th         21:00/22:30 GMT+1
Hardstation.FM:      December 30th         20:00/21:30 GMT+1
RauteMusik.FM:       December 30th         21:00/22:30 GMT+1
Fear.FM:               December 31th         18:30/20:00 GMT+1
Musicbase.FM:        December 31th         20:30/22:00 GMT+1

We’d like to thank you, our devoted fans, for a year that will go down in the history books as one of the best since Scantraxx formed a decade ago. We’d also like to give a shout out to our talented artists and other colleagues, who have worked alongside us to take hard dance music to the next level, a level that we couldn’t even imagine at the beginning of the millennium. 

Download link:

Here’s to the future! We are so excited about 2013 and have a lot of cool stuff coming up. You’re going to love it! Don’t miss out and follow us on your favorite social network(s):