Save your hearing day - Scantraxx teaming up with Alpine Hearing Protection

Scantraxx teaming up with Alpine Hearing Protection


Scantraxx pioneer DJ The Prophet was one of the first DJs to purchase earplugs to protect his hearing. Despite the fact that he was laughed at by his colleague DJ’s, he is glad that he did so. Because many of his colleague DJs have suffered permanent hearing damage.


Alpine Hearing Protection provides hearing protection not only for people in the music business, but also for travelers, motorcyclists and people with sleep problems.

This summer they can be found at more than 150 international events, including DefQon.1, Decibel Outdoor and Q-BASE. At their stand, you can buy Alpine PartyPlugs to protect your hearing from loud music without compromising on music quality and conversations with your fellow partygoer.


Together with Alpine Hearing Protection we want to make sure that you, our artists and crew can listen to Hardstyle for a long time to come. This year we visit the biggest Hardstyle festivals together to ensure that you can enjoy the music and experience the ultimate party experience to the fullest!