Scantraxx Special – Takens Balkbrug

Night of the Dj’s – Scantraxx Special

Since the early start of this decade Scantraxx has been the leading label for everything and everyone loving, breathing and eating hardstyle. 

Founder Dov Elkabas, ofcourse known as The Prophet, made sure that Scantraxx developed in being the purest and best representive of the current hardstyle. On June 5th he will travel , together with other living hardstyle legends, to your Takens to -as far as you didn’t know- pound the true and raw Scantraxx sounds around at Balkbrug…. Curious who he will bring? Read on!!

Brennan Heart
Guaranteed to produce catchy and stimulating releases on the label. Constantly acive renewing his sound, Brennan Heart is one of the biggest creatives within the hardstyle scene and it payed off. For years he has a agenda filled with international bookings and his records are played all over the world. Thats why this man cannot be missed on June 5th.

Another name who is also responsible for the succes of Scantraxx. Since his first release on the label in 2003, A-usion is one of the leading names in the hardstyle scene worldwide. Ofcourse with his producing skills, but also for sure as a dj. Count on big banging tracks coming from his recordbag.

The young puppies from the Scantraxx label. Their first release was in 2009. It’s accurate to say that they are ‘the new kids on the bock’. Just because of that the boys will kick up the tunes and give it some extra power during this Scantraxx Special!

Mc Da Syndrome
The ADHD miracle from this small country only needs a mic to be set on fire. Jumping, partying and going crazy, that’s the way he shows why he has the right to be the master of ceremonies this evening.

As it must be clear right now, this is going to be a smashing evening for all your critical hardstye lovers. You can’t miss this great event. And lets be honest. Who wants to miss this party?

See you @ the Scantraxx Special!

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