Scantraxx Silver welcomes Shockwave


We’re extremely proud to welcome another talented members into the Scantraxx Silver family!

Shockwave (Joey van der Linden and Jeroen van Ee) started producing back in 2008. The last 5 years they developed theirselves as a talented producing team as well as an entertaining performing duo. They’ve a goal, becoming a recognized name in the hardstyle scene and create a shockwave amongst the crowd with their music. With performances on Xxlerator Outdoor, Q-base (Germany), Hard Island Festival (Croatia), Groove Garden, Fuze Outdoor and support by artists as D-block & S-te-fan, Audiotricz, The Prophet, MC Villain and Brennan Heart, the sound of Shockwave is spreading worldwide.

They’ve releashed their first EP called So Free at Scantraxx Silver. Listen here to their EP So Free: So Free EP