Scantraxx S.W.A.T. tour in Peppermill (Netherlands) and Titan (France)


Last weekend there where two Scantraxx S.W.A.T. nights. One in Club Peppermill and one in Titan, France. The Scantraxx S.W.A.T. tour visited Peppermill on Friday night with A-Lusion, The Prophet, Headhunterz and Mc Da Syndrome.

A-Lusion had to start the night and he started with some fine early hardstyle. The crowd was coming in bit by bit. So at the end of his set the whole dance floor was crowded with people from Germany, Belgium, Denmark and off course the Netherlands.

The Peppermill wasn’t sold out this night, but that didn’t matter. The crowd was really enthusiastic during the sets of ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Headhunterz’. Mc Da Syndrome is the host during the S.W.A.T. tour and what a job he does!

On Saturday the Scantraxx S.W.A.T. tour visited Titan in France. This night was a big difference with the Peppermill. The crowd, the club and off course the artists had a fantastic night. There were about 2000 people in the room and they had one thought: Party time!

During this night the crowd wanted loads of autographs from the artists, loads of pictures together with the artists and they just wanted to chat with the artists.  So Titan was a big success!

big thanks to the organization of Titan. They made the Scantraxx S.W.A.T. tour in France stunning!