Scantraxx S.W.A.T. tour 2009 ‘Q-BASE’


Scantraxx S.W.A.T. tour 2009 ‘Q-BASE’ 

Somewhere at an abandoned undefined location filled with darkness, where strategic military decisions were made years ago, the members of the Scantraxx S.W.A.T. team discovered some classified documents. These files contain information and directions about a Hardstyle manifestation between divers Hardstyle leaders and their followers. The documents reveal that the leaders of the S.W.A.T. team are an essential component during this all. All information that was found points out that these leaders will gather and each leader will reveal their musical power to the loyal followers.

It is our duty, to tell you ‘followers’, that all the prominent leaders of the S.W.A.T. team will carry out their own propaganda on September 12th 2009, so we can all get together. We request your presence to observe these acts from close by.

With pride Scantraxx Recordz presents the Scantraxx S.W.A.T. Tour 2009 on one of the biggest international Hardstyle events in Europe: Q-BASE. When the darker hours start, Scantraxx will provide you with the best and finest Hardstyle productions of this time. This is the sound that you Hardstylers want to hear. Nothing will be coincidence and every effort will be taken to amaze you fanatics with shizzle that’s completely new in the scene.

Scantraxx has a special surprise this night. The specific S.W.A.T. show elements and explosive sound system will be present like always. The Scantraxx S.W.A.T. team has one other musical surprise for you! There have been a lot of rumors about Gostosa lately and now its time to meet Gostosa. Finally, during Q-BASE Headhunterz will take the chance to present Gostosa! Be there!

As you can see, Scantraxx will make the biggest effort to make this night one to remember for all you loyal Hardstyle fans. We have mixed all ingredients to extend your Q-BASE adventure to the maximum. The Scantraxx bunker will set the roof on fire!!

You will find the entire program, photos, movies and more on the Q-BASE website. Click here for the Q-BASE website.

Line Up: 

Headhunterz presents Gostosa 
The Prophet 
Clive King 
Scope DJ 

Hosted by: Da Syndrome 

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