Scantraxx S.W.A.T. 2009.


Scantraxx S.W.A.T. 2009.

 “Oh well, there are so many party’s, I’m sure I didn’t miss anything special”, is how you often try to justify yourself for skipping a party for whatever reason (exams, a broken leg, tickets sold out, work commitments, having an off-day), while you actually wanted to be there. A plausible thought, considering the amount of party’s in Holland that are being thrown in your face every weekend. But there is no justification for the ones that missed Scantraxx S.W.A.T.: Hell yeah you missed something!

Scantraxx was on a mission when they kicked off their World Artist Tour in November 2007. In and outside the borders of Holland, thousands of partypeople were able to witness that Scantraxx is an experience. A feeling. A banging tour, packed with the latest things concerning audio and visuals, splendid decoration and heaps of new tracks illustrated that Scantraxx represents quality on every dimension. The ones that were there experienced the vital contribution of the crowd to the ideology of Scantraxx: everything that happens around the label is first of all concentrated on giving this crowd the possibility to temporarily escape their every day lives. On creating solidarity and unity. On enjoyment, on being able to feel in stead of think for a while.

Dov Elkabas (The Prophet) knows the power of hardstyle like no other. Party music, but with a raw and edgy groove. No-nonsense partying, no whining or bullshit. He founded Scantraxx and introduced his new sound to the party crowd, making more and more of them becoming admirers. Amongst them were someextremely talented boys who’s hearts started pounding in the rhythm of the first hardstyle beats they heard. They were given the opportunity to join The Prophet’s label and are the ones that nowadays know how to touch the souls of the visitors with that typical Scantraxx sound.

S.W.A.T. connected label and crowd and this resulted in a very productive and successful 2008, a completely sold out Heineken Music Hall during Q-dance presents: Scantraxx being the highlight of this success. But it doesn’t mean the Scantraxx guys are leaning back in their chairs now after proving they were perfectly capable of organising an ass kicking tour. Not at all. Always delivering the highest quality, that’s their motto. That’s why S.W.A.T. will be back in 2009, even bigger bolder and better than the one before.

Six unforgettable party’s in six amazing locations. Presenting unprecedented shows and tracks you never heard before. Presenting the Scantraxx Showhitz, a new mega mix that makes you wanna dance ‘till you drop. Insane productions, Scantraxx stages and new technical features concerning lights, sound and lasers. And all Scantraxx artists will drop by, demonstrating everything that’s necessary to let the party people return home with hardstyle flowing in their veins. Everything S.W.A.T. already was, raised to maximum power. So make sure you don’t have to work on the following dates, already start learning for your exams and buy your ticket in time. If you break a leg, this S.W.A.T. will be the ideal occasion for having your favourite artist’s signature on your plaster. And that off-day? Simply exchange it for the Scantraxx experience!

Presale for the first 4 dates starts on the 17th of January at and all Free Record Shops nationwide.

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