Scantraxx Recordz welcomes ‘Krusaders’


Scantraxx Recordz welcomes ‘Krusaders’

Scantraxx Recordz welcomes a new breath-taking duo: Krusaders. From the Southern part of the Netherlands these two young producers have been making waves around the globe and now we are pleased to announce that Krusaders are officially signed to Scantraxx Recordz.

Krusaders, better known as Nick and Jimmy Verspaget, are brothers in real life and from the first moment they heard the pounding beats of Hardstyle they had a dream to produce their own music. Nick and Jimmy have shown great promise and strength and now they are unveil an innovation in sound that will pound your senses.

The two brothers have locked themselves day and night to complete a very special EP and now they are very proud to announce their first release on Scantraxx Recordz. Scantraxx 048 – Krusaders – Supernatural / Reinvented / Secret Societies. Their first instalment will be in stores March 2010 and downloadable exclusively at

Krusaders are here to rock your world! Click here for more information.