Scantraxx Recordz official partner YouTube


Scantraxx Recordz official partner YouTube

June 15th 2008 was the day that the Scantraxx YouTube channel started.  It all began with special backstage movies of Defqon.1 2008.  These Defqon.1 movies were a great success and many other backstage clips followed. From day one, the Scantraxx YouTube channel was a huge success. 

The channel expanded massively with special clips, interviews, aftermovies and HQ releases. Many, many Hardstyle fanatics found their way to the Scantraxx Recordz YouTube channel and showed their support. It is flattering to see that so many people are gathering on the channel and enjoying the wide range of clips.

Thanks to YouTube, people from all over the globe have the opportunity to see what Scantraxx Recordz is all about. Hardstyle addictz from Australia, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, USA, Canada, Estonia, Malaysia, Japan, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Mexico and many other countries have the chance to follow Scantraxx Recordz closely .  

To celebrate this milestone a “present ” is online at the Scantraxx YouTube channel. Thanks everybody for all the great support and enjoy the restyled channel.