Scantraxx Recordz about YouTube and Internet


Scantraxx Recordz about YouTube and Internet

For many people Youtube is an easy way to show and share their videos worldwide. Record labels, producers, singers and party people are very active on YouTube and they all sharing their videos. YouTube might even be the future MTV of the Internet. At the moment their is a big confusion about what is wrong and what is right. When are you allowed to upload music? When isn’t it allowed to upload music? 

When you decide to upload your personal movies, which contain music of a producer or an artist, which is not written by you, there is a possibility that it will be deleted without any announcement. Any producer, artist or record label has the right to ask YouTube to delete your movie. Why? This is all about copyright. 
Scantraxx Recordz is well aware of the fact that it cannot prevent that movies will come online from the Scantraxx artists without an official permission. Better, we don’t want to ban any material.

YouTube is very important for the Hardstyle scene, it even can give producers and artists more exposure. Of course the scene cannot stay alive without the real Hardstyle fans, Scantraxx is aware of that too.
Scantraxx accept the “snippets” from certain tracks you post, but we do not like complete tracks of our catalog appear online in good quality.

Sometimes it happens that a record label decides that certain movies have to be deleted from YouTube. 
The Scantraxx Recordz YouTube Channel is well known from the backstage footage, exclusive HQ previews and interviews. This channel is made for real Hardstyle fans and will be updated every week. This channel provides you with the latest information about the artists. It is important that this channel of producers, artists and record labels gets support. Scantraxx wants to guarantee the best quality of our music online and we want to present our Artists and their music as good as possible.

It is not a witch hunt against certain people, not at all, it’s just a sort of protection of bad material from us which appears online. Scantraxx is not able to get a YouTube account or a Partyflock topic deleted or closed, this is not what we want, nor what we ask for. The only thing Scantraxx can do is delete submitted messages with an offensive or abusive character from their own YouTube channel. Respect each other on our channel.

Respect is very important to Scantraxx. Respect to the partypeople and to the producers who provide them with the music they dance to.

With this explanation we hope we have cleared some misunderstandings.

Your Scantraxx crew