Scantraxx || Q-BASE – All you need to know


Scantraxx || Q-BASE – All you need to know 

Opening time
Q-BASE opens the doors at 5pm (GMT+1), to close them again 14 hours later at 7am.

Identification and age
As usual there will be strict age and identity checks at the entrance. The police announced to check everyone’s age! Make sure you bring your ID (drivers license, ID-only, passport) so your entrance won’t be refused. A copy of your ID is NOT valid. The minimum age for visiting Q-BASE is 18 years.

There will be lockers for hire, there is no wardrobe. The rent for a locker is EUR 6,- and the deposit is EUR 5,-. You have access to your locker during the festival but please check at which entrance you hire your locker.

Food and drinks of any kind are not allowed to be brought on site. Deodorant and sunscreen are only allowed in the original (closed) packing. Perfume and aerosols are not allowed.

Soccer jerseys & Flags
Soccer jerseys and flags from Dutch soccer teams are not allowed. Jerseys and flags from national teams are allowed.

We must comply with the local drug policy in Germany, which is zero-tolerance. No hard and soft drugs are allowed. You will be handed over to the police and refused entry if any drugs are detected.

Q-BASE Mobile Guide
This year a mobile Guide has been developed together with Pepsi. This mobile guide offers you the floorplan, timetable and latest updates. The Q-BASE Mobile Guide will be available from this Wednesday.

When you are organizing a bustrip by yourself, please register your bus by sending an email to You will then receive all the info you need to know about parking. If you register your bus, no parking fee will apply. Buses that are not registered will pay EUR 25,- for parking.

Shuttle buses
There will be a shuttle bus service from the train stations Venlo and Nijmegen. The return ticket price for the shuttle bus from Venlo is EUR 17,- and from Nijmegen is EUR 20,-. These prices only apply if the trip is pre-booked via 
If you decide to not pre-book your trip the price of a return trip from Nijmegen is EUR 30,- and EUR 25,- from Venlo. Check for the shuttle bus timetable.

ATTENTION!! Also don’t forget to check what time your train is departing your station, as you might have to wait a bit for the first trains. You can check the train timetables at

At Q-BASE you’re allowed to bring a digital photo or video camera. Professional photo equipment is also allowed.

There will be ATM’s at Q-BASE, only they do not always work that well. Therefore we recommend to bring enough CASH for the day.

Take care of yourself … and each other
A whole day of partying requires more energy than you might be aware of. Make sure you come to the event well prepared. Drink and sleep enough and keep in mind that in the evening it can get cold. Finally, our motto is “Come together, stay together “, so take care of your friends and yourself.