Scantraxx & 2Dangerous Show: We Are One!


Scantraxx & 2Dangerous Show: We Are One!

This year, Scantraxx will reach its tenth anniversary. A major milestone linked to a decade of perfect moments and memories. For us as a company, our DJs, but also all hardstyle lovers who follow us everywhere. The 14th of April we´ll become one steaming, pounding mass of celebration at ‘Q-dance presents: Scantraxx 10 years’. Prior to this event, Scantraxx and the 2Dangerous Show unite to prepare you for this amazing party. Why? Because We Are One!


What to expect?

Every Thursday in March, from 9pm-12pm, Fear.FM delivers a three hour collaborating live-show: Scantraxx featuring the 2Dangerous Show. Our DJs will select their best tracks and turn them into sounds vibrating sets. At the same time, you can win exclusive goodiebags. The 1st of March will kick-off with Arkaine and The Anarchist. Arkaine´s euphoric melodies, hard kicks and experimental sound will be combined with The Anarchist´s creative sound, fine mixing techniques and unique productions. Together they will start a whole month full of Scantraxx’ hardstyle.


8th of March – Adaro

After hearing the sound of Thunderballs’ “Bonzai Channel One” in 1993, DJ Adaro felt something he had never before, he immediately fell in love with the hard beat. Big raves and clubs for watching his heroes and collecting lots of great vinyl made him wanting to create music too. In 2008 he started producing hardstyle together with his good friend Ran-D. His solo-tracks are supported by the biggest names in the hardstyle scene, some even appeared on the long awaited A² Records album ‘Unleashed’.


In the summer of 2011 Ran-D and Adaro started an official collaboration with their new project ‘Gunz for Hire’, which made big impression in a very short time. Together they produced tracks like ‘Gangsters Don’t Dance’, ‘Put it On’, ‘Sorrow’ and ‘Kings of the Underground’. Proud as we are of this successful DJ, we’ll treat you the 8th of March on listening to his set.


15th of March – Max Enforcer

As one of the pioneers of Hardstyle, Max Enforcer recently founded Gold Records, in cooperation with our Scantraxx platform. Max Enforcer indicates his performances as extremely euphoric, hard hittin’ and very exclusive sets which represent a truly innovative style. With great experience a as a crowd-pleaser make his sets as energetic as it can be. Playing exclusive sets on the biggest stages across the globe and producing hits and anthems. More than enough reasons to share in his unique sound the 15th of March.


22nd of March – Bass Modulators

Bass Modulators: a collaboration between the Dutch Roland Evers and Rick Buijtenhek, started back in 2007. Friends since high school, both with a great passion for music, they found their true believe in Hardstyle at the age of 17. This belief became one great adventure, which resulted in lots of amazing gigs, major support from fans, organizations and other DJ’s. Scantraxx offered them to join their label, something they couldn’t refuse. While flying around the world to spread their unique and improved sound, they’ll make a stop on the 22nd of March to perform for you.

29th of March – The Prophet & Audiofreq

The Prophet

Dov Elkabas: DJ The Prophet, but also founder and owner of Scantraxx Recordz. Already twenty-five years in business, but still going strong. The 29th of March he’ll be playing at the 2Dangerous Show, together with Scantraxx’ Audiofreq.



Sam Gonzalez, in the Hardstyle scene known as ‘Audiofreq’, is one of the most recognizable and infectiously passionate artists to date. Now teaming up with Make You Dance Bookings and our world leading hard-dance label Scantraxx Recordz, this man is infectious with his passion and endless amounts of energy which bursts trough in each record and every performance. Audiofreq is guaranteed to bring the house down.

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