Scantraxx 041 – Frontliner Vs Acardipane – Outside World 2009


Scantraxx 041

Frontliner Vs Acardipane – Outside World 2009 

Back in 2008, Frontliner made a special track for his sets; Frontliner – Spacer. This track was influenced on a huge Trance track which was released back in the 90’s. He made a special so called “DJ Tool” for Defqon.1 in 2008, from then it even became a bigger hit then he could ever imagine! The track was not referred to be an official release but was made for a little prank during his set. At that time Headhunterz got the opportunity to use this track during his set at Defqon.1 2008. The crowd went totally nuts when he played this track. After this memorable day the madness started around this track. Now Scantraxx arranged to get permission to release the record on their label, we made Frontliner’s day we guess.

The original track of ‘Outside World’ was made back in 1994 by Sunbeam and it was called “Sunbeam – Outside World”. Now in 2009, Scantraxx Recordz has permission to release an official Hardstyle Remix of ‘Outside World’.  

Together with Marc Acardipane (This man is a huge Hardcore hero from Germany) they have made two remixes of Outside World for the new Scantraxx Recordz release.

Scantraxx Recordz is proud to announce the official remix of ‘Outside World’ on Scantraxx 041 – Frontliner Vs Acardipane – Outside World 2009. With on the A-side “Frontliner Vs Acardipane – Outside World 2009” and on the B-side “Frontliner Vs Acardipane – Outside World (Memorabilia RMX)”. 

Release date: TBA

Label: Scantraxx

Producer:  Frontliner & Marc Acardipane
A:  Outside World 2009 
B:  Outside World 2009 Memorabilia RMX