Report ‘Q-dance presents: Scantraxx’ Part 2


Report ‘Q-dance presents: Scantraxx’ Part 2 

At one o’clock ‘Project One’ pressed play on their laptop. A bit early in the lineup, but what a great set they’ve played. Wildstylez and Headhunterz are the producers behind ‘Project One’. The whole mainstage was going nuts, even the ladies where jumping their ass off. This was not only because of their stunningly productions, but also because of the two artist who are jumping behind the decks. They are the winning team if you listen to the opinion of the visitors. With their hit ‘Scantraxx Reloaded’ they let the HMH explode.



Janine, from Almere, was standing between some sweaty half naked guys. She is partying every week for a couple of years now, but this is night was perfect. She told me that the atmosphere was something she had never seen before. She is bouncing at sound of the Megamix which is mastered perfect. “What a night, we just began but it is already the best night of this year” she said.”There are very nice people to talk with, the atmosphere is fantastic and I’m having a lot of fun doing funny thing with the other party people”. Janine has to meet other friends who are always on the same party’s. The hardstyle scene like one big family. Everybody is constantly talking about the music… even online on different fora. This scene is really alive!

The HMH is the perfect location for a hardstyle event. The sound system is one of the best in Europe and the venue is not too big. Intimate but big enough to have a party like this. The lights, lasers and the show are perfectly coordinated for the Scantraxx night. A big thanks for the Q-dance production. The Dj’s are still the “Gods” of this night. They make the crowd go wild! After their sets they are walking around the HMH, to be one with their fans. What a sight is that, this is something special that no other scene has. They are not staying in their dressingroom, they just want to feel the vibe.



Joost and his friends are really sweaty at the end of the night. They have danced like crazy and feel happy because this night was so perfect. At the end they had the option to put their last  breath into the hardcore beats of The Prophet himself. With a big smile they are walking out of the HMH and going to remember this night forever. “Thanks Scantraxx, see you next time at a Scantraxx event!” says Joost.


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