Report ‘Q-dance presents: Scantraxx’ Part 1


Report ‘Q-dance presents: Scantraxx’

Reporter: Freekje Mollenhof
Pictures: Rudy Peters

‘Q-dance presents: Scantraxx’ at the Heineken Music Hall on October 4th. Everybody knows that Scantraxx is one of the biggest hardstyle record labels within the hardstyle scene. This night should be the night that everybody really knows that Scantraxx is one of the biggest. Joost is a hardstyle lover and his expectations of this night are high. He is looking forward to this night for a couple of weeks. Together with three friends he bought his tickets weeks ago. The lineup was perfect for him, the best hardstyle artists in the HMH is something special. He wants to go wild at the Scantraxx beats.


When the doors opened the crowds receives a special item of the Scantraxx crew; a keychain. A gadget in order to remember the night, but the Scantraxx crew was not just a normal crew. Mc Da Syndrome and The Prophet where at the entrance to welcome the people. That is something special! The padre de familia, Dov J. Elkabas aka The Prophet, is standing in front of the entrance to welcome everybody. This is something that nobody does. The Prophet thinks it is really important to be one with your fans! This a perfect picture of the hardstyle scene. It is small but really tight. A girl in hot pants and with a crazy hair dress shouts that ‘Tiësto” would never do this. The Prophet is very busy with his fans, everybody wants to have a picture with him. He doesn’t matter if it is one or twenty fans, he does it.

There are two areas this night, the Orange Box, with all kind of artist together playing early hardstyle to new hardstyle. The Blackbox is the mainstage where they begin with a deepmission set of Arne LII and building up to some rougher music.

Joost and Daan are going to the Orange Box at first. This is because the main is still closed. The Orange box is already going on the beats of Ruthless and Clive King. Daan is loving the beats of these two Dj’s.



Arne LII has the honor to open the mainstage. For the youngster this is rather an unknown artist, but after his set they are loving his sound. He is playing a massive set. He has a dark bass and a fucking great tempo. This set was perfect for opening the mainstage. For many partypeople this was the perfect opening so they could warm up their muscles.


A-lusion was playing after ‘Hardheadz’. He played a good set and the crowd reacted enthusiastic on him. During his set it was time to take a walk around the packed HMH. Besides the rare dressed man, I saw really beautiful women which were dressed perfectly. The hardstyle scene is not filled up with ugly people, this night was crowded with very nice well dressed people. Two ladies where even dressed as an old Victorian lookalike girl. She used diamantes in her hair and they were looking perfect. Jorg (24) was looking like he was in love, he wasn’t used too the fact that there where so many gorgeous ladies at an Hardstyle event.

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