Q-BASE x Scantraxx | Interview with DJ The Prophet


Scantraxx and Q-BASE will collaborate for the fourth time in the history of the event. Frontman DJ The Prophet tells you about his best Q-BASE memories, what we can expect of Scantraxx at Q-BASE and what he has in store for his own set.

Why did you choose this video?

At the edition of 2010 we hosted an area with Scantraxx, Scantraxx Reloaded and A2 Records. Artists like D-Block & S-te-Fan, Alpha Twins, Ran-D, Wildstylez and Headhunterz made an epic night of this edition.

What are we seeing in this video?

The video is the aftermovie of the hosting in 2010. I have a lot of great memories about this edition of Q-base. This was a period for Scantraxx and hardstyle where a lot of artists developed themselves and the hardstyle scene.

What was the best Q-BASE edition to you?

For me that’s the edition of 2010. That is partly because of the phase that hardstyle was in during that period of time. In my opinion in that period the musical foundation was built for the hardstyle of today.

What does Q-BASE mean to you?

Q-BASE is a unique experience. The location, the people and the fact that the daylight turns into darkness during the party. In the end you leave the party in the morning light. The combination of the location and arriving in the daylight and leaving at dawn makes Q-BASE unique.

What can we expect of Scantraxx at Q-BASE?

With the Scantraxx hosting on the last Q-base we will go back in time. A great line-up with artists that are or were a part of Scantraxx will make sure we will relive the memories together with the music of that time. This is an extention of the Scantraxx slogan: We Create Memories!

Do you have something special in store for us at Q-BASE?

I will make sure that every track that’s expected will be heard and more! I think I’m going to dig deep into the archive…